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Dogs who are no longer active in our breeding/showing program are retired, retired from active duty, but still active members of our extended family. They are ever in our thoughts and hearts though occasionally we allow them to have new lives as only dogs with a family we trust.

Cricket Hollow's Genevieve - living in Indiana huntin' birds and patrolling for squirrels.

Ms. Lila was enjoying retirement swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Rhode Island. Sadly in April of 2005 she darted in front of a car while pursing a cat and was injured too badly to survive. We were devastated to learn of her loss, but continue to honor her memory and remember the joy and happiness she brought to everyone who met her. We're glad she got to travel and play in the ocean before she was lost.

The lovely Ms. Mocha is enjoying her retirement by relaxing on the beach in California in between frisbee sessions and time spent with her doggy sister. We miss her very much, but we are glad she is living a great and rewarding life - she deserves every bit of it!

Ms. Kiwi - retired and living the live of a huntin' dawg in southern Illinois - she loves to fetch up those birdies!!

Ms. Raven was ever our silly goofy girl, willing to be a clown in order to please a little girl, or leap through hoops and jump over gate to please me. We lost Raven in Dec. 2004 to pyometra - a nasty uterine infection that is always a risk in an unspayed girl. She seemed fine in the morning, was off her food at 3pm, staggering by 5pm, when we rushed her to the vet. Despite an emergency spay she had so much infection in her blood she just didn't have the strength to survive. We mourn her deeply and miss her more than words can express.

Ms. Blossom hit the jack pot, and gets to go and live the life of luxury with one of our puppy families. She'll be missed by us for her sweet, calm temperament and ability to get along with any dog she meets. But she'll have a little brother to goof off with and lots of love from her new family, so we're very happy for her.

Ms. Ponca Sue is enjoying retirement. She'll be pursuing her career as a therapy dog and we think she is going to be fantastic at it! We are heartbroken to let her go as she is very near and dear to us, however, we know it will be the best for her and for her new family. Godspeed sweetie, we'll miss you!

Cricket is now officially retired, spayed and living as a housedog. She is Miriah's heart dog and goes everywhere with her. She still works hard being a labra-auntie to all the puppies that we train and some that we keep - she does a great job teaching them how to be proper doggie citizens :-)

Fable is now retired, spayed and will be living the good life with Lauren in Peoria - close enough she can hopefully come for a visit once in a while! We'll miss her, she's been a lovely girl to live with and a wonderful mom. Her babies are gorgeous!

Ms. Willow has gone to live with one of our puppy families - she is getting used to living in the city and finding out how much FUN kids can be :-) We miss her very much, but feel blessed that she found a loving family to retire to!

Sweet Izzy has been retired and is now living with a family in the Chicago area, they hope she'll be able to be a therapy dog for them. She seems to be enjoying her retirement from motherhood so far :-) Her legacy lives on here thru her daughters Sarah, Mojo and Demi.

Mr. Sam has also joined the ranks of the retirees - he'll be working on his couch surfing technique right here. Cricket is giving him pointers!

Lucy & Ty have retired this spring after giving us three lovely litters and always being a joy! She went to take up residence wth Ty, they plan to live happily ever after enjoying many trips to the wilds of Northern Wisconsin!

Ms. Winnie has been retired and is living the live of luxury as a much loved family member in southern Illinois. We miss her happy smiling face, but are oh so happy she has her very own family!

Our sweet Belle has proven that old saying, not every dog is meant to be bred! Despite her excellent conformation, terrific temperament and every clearance in the book, Belle never ever went into season, even with all the stuff the repro vet tried that usually works. They decided she must have ovaries that just don't function, so we made the heartbreaking decision to retire her from our crew and she is now living with a wonderful family up in Chicagoland - they adore her and let her get away with murder, which she takes full advantage of :-) We miss her, but I'm just thrilled with the family who adopted her!

Here's Ms. Bumble, enjoying her new retirement digs, with her new brother and sister - she couldn't be happier - we miss her, but how can you argue with such peace and enjoyment?!?

Luv u Bumby!

Ms. Sarah Bear has gone to live with Janet at Mull's Labradors in Pennsylvania - she'll be having a litter in a few months :-)

Mr. Jack has found a wonderful family who has plenty of space and water for him to play in - he has moved to Ohio and is LOVING being an only dog! We miss him though :-(