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Cricket Hollow's Extra Butter Please (Popcorn)

DOB 01/15/10
Hips OFA Good - LR-197540G26F-VPI

Popcorn aka Poppy is our last legacy of the gorgeous Tory, sired by Maize, she has an amazing pedigree and we expect great things from her. She is very balanced, has lovely movement even as a baby. She has been clicker trained since she was two weeks old and is an incredibly eager learner and willing to try anything. She has matured into a beautiful, girl, sweet and happy, very easy to live with, she is one of our favorites!

Although she still has a bit of ear to grow into, she's a lovely girl!

Beautiful reach of neck and look at that chest!

With her best buddy Fern - begging for cookies!

Photos courtesy of Michael H. Photography

Puppy gym workout - piece of cake

With those ears, she could almost take flight - she'll grow into them though - eventually :-)

A big wet kiss for you!

She has the batdog impression down perfectly!

Gorgeous baby, gorgeous day!

Trying to learn to wink?

See you soon!

Poppy at 10 weeks - learning all about the leash

Even then, those ears!

Poppy loves her girl Becca - laptime equals naptime!

Poppy the Easter Puppy!

Did I mess up - here, I gots the paper towels! Poppy at 8 weeks

Poppy's worry face - so sweet!

Poppy at six weeks - already checking out the agility tunnel!


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