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We occasionally have an older puppy who is available as we typically keep two puppies from a litter to see how they turn out for show potential, and have to eventually part with one or both. They will be housetrained, crate trained, leash trained, and usually have much of their beginning obedience training completed.

Currently Available:

No older pups currently available, but we do keep a waiting list for those interested in a retiree or older pup, just email me if you would like more information.

We also on occasion have an older dog available due to changes in our breeding program or when we retire one of our crew from active breeding status. These dogs are gentle, calm older dogs who we are very careful to place as they are very close to our hearts. We want them to have wonderful lives with families where they can be the family dog, and enjoy a life of fun and leisure.

Currently available:

We have no other older labs available for immediate placement. Please visit Shadowmyst Labradors to see if they have an adult lab who might fit your needs.