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Cricket Hollow's Beauty School Drop Out (Frenchie)

2.5 year
DOB 02/25/13

Hips OFA Good LR-217285G31F-VPI; Elbows OFA Normal LR-EL69993F31-VPI

Frenchie is the daughter of our girl Wren and Boone. She's a darker yellow and has the calmest, sweetest personality. She truly melts whenever you love on her, give her a belly rub and she's your friend for life! She's been a calm girl her whole life, gets along wonderfully with any and every dog and person she meets, adores the grandkids, we couldn't ask for a kinder, more wonderful girl!

Like her papa, it's hard to get ears up photos of Frenchie - she is just trying so hard to please!

Oh - there's those ears! She has a fantastic nose and is always watching for birds! Definitely her father's daughter!

She loves toys - or things she can make into toys!

An empty yogurt container - yup - toy :-)


Here she is at 6 weeks old!

Chubby baby!