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Cricket Hollow's Thorny Thicket (Briar)

Briar 2 years

Hips ofa Excellent: LR-229886E25M-VPI; elbows Normal LR-EL80683M25-VPI

Son of our boy Boone and girl Rizzo, who is the daughter of our Hope and our Thistle. This boy is the culmination of about 8 years of planning. He's lovely and growing into a wonderful sweet, kind boy - with lots of bone lol. He's been easy to train and live with and has his daddy's deep desire to please along with mama's nurturing nature. We expect big things from this boy! Stay tuned!

He still thinks he's a lapdog, even at 9 months and 75 pounds :-) He's a love sponge!

7 weeks

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