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Cricket Hollow Farms Labrador Retrievers

So, you've decided you want to add a Labrador Retriever to your family! Congratulations, it is a momentous decision to commit yourself to care for and love a dog for its lifetime. For love it you will, there is just nothing like the love of a lab! That said, before you go any further, perhaps you could take a look at this wonderful "So you think you want a labrador retriever" page and see if a lab really is the right breed of dog for you and your situation. This page will discuss the pros and cons and costs involved with a lifetime commitment to your new puppy.

So - you're still with us? A lab must be the puppy for you if those cons and costs didn't outweigh the pros! Of course, if you have ever been owned by a lab, you already know all this and you know it is all well worth the cost and the fur on the couch.

Conditions of Puppy Sale

We only raise a few litters per year, so each and every baby is precious to us. We do everything in our power to ensure the babies are healthy, happy, well socialized little darlings. We offer an extensive guarantee, which includes everything from a three day return regardless of reason, to a 2 year guarantee of the puppy's hips, and lots of other guarantees in between. You won't find many equivalent health guarantees out there. We sell all our puppies on a limited registration. We occasionally will place a show quality puppy, but only under a co-ownership agreement. We offer two types of contract, limited registration contract and co-ownership contract. You can view the contracts and have the difference between the two explained here.

If you'd like to view some photos and notes from our
previous puppy families, you can visit them on our Love Page. Recently added pages 7-14 can be accessed HERE.

If you are on Facebook - please join us there - just look for Cricket Hollow Farm - we have tons of our puppy families posting photos and updates about their Cricket Hollow Kids and any one of them would be more than happy to tell you about their experiences with us!

We are careful about where our precious little ones are going. We do our utmost to ensure the babies will be all they can be, we start them off right by using the BioSensor method of neurological stimulation. We also socialize our puppies extensively to ensure they will be happy, healthy additions to their new families. We take special care in deciding which puppy goes where by use of extensive puppy aptitude testing.

In order to help us decide which puppy is the best match for you,
please complete and submit our puppy questionnaire


Puppies go to their new homes at about 8 weeks of age. They will be microchipped, have their first shots, have been wormed, and our vet will certify their health prior to them leaving. All puppy prices are for puppies going to approved pet homes on a spay/neuter contract (non breeding). Price includes 7.25% Illinois State Sales Tax as required by the state of Illinois. All our puppies, regardless of color or gender, are $1400. Contact us if you are interested in a show/breeding prospect, pricing varies on show/breeding puppies. Puppies come microchipped for their safety and our peace of mind!

On unborn litters, we will accept deposits ($300) on up to 8 puppies (4 males and 4 females). Eight puppies is the average litter size for labradors, (although we have had 11 or 12!) The gestation period for a Labrador is about 60 days. On unborn litters, we can not be sure that there will be a litter, sometimes the breeding doesn't take, or something goes awry and the litter is re-absorbed. In the event that there is no litter, or when the puppies are born, if we do not have your selection, your deposit is returned, or can be used toward a future litter. Deposits are ONLY refunded if we don't have the gender/color you reserved. If we have the color/gender you requested and you've changed your mind about a puppy, the deposit is not refundable.

To read about how we decide which puppy goes to which family, click here.

Contact us to be certain there are reservations available, as things change on a daily basis.


Current (or expected) litters:

All our current babies are spoken for, we have some litters in the planning stages for spring, please email me if you'd like to get on the waiting list!

Future litters:


Frenchie is due to cycle in June, and will be bred to Harry for an all yellow litter due in August. She's not in season yet, but we're watching her closely! This pair had a litter together earlier and they are getting rave reviews out in the world, we had quite a few reds last time, but we won't count on that until we see them! We've got quite a long waiting list for yellow girls, but not too bad for boys. Please email me if you'd like to be on our waiting list.

Previous babies from this pairing:


Rizzo is also due to cycle in June, depending on when she cycles, we hope to breed her to Harry, but it could also end up being Angus if she cycles at the same time as Frenchie. Anticipate either litter will produce gorgeous blacks and a few yellows. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to get on the waiting list.


Aspen is due to cycle in August or September and will be bred to Briar for black and possibly yellow babies. Briar is the son of Rizzo and Boone, Boone and Aspen had some of the most beautiful and sweet puppies I've ever had, so I'm hoping to end her career the way she started it! Please email me if you would like to get on the waiting list.

Litters we are planning (waiting for the moms to cycle):

Paprika will have fall babies.

Zinnie will have fall babies.

Nova and Boo will hopefully have fall babies.

Winter plans include some chocolates from Jenga and Bramble, and possible reds from Siri.

The waiting list fills up fast, so if you would like to be on the list email me!

Any or all of these plans are subject to change as the whims of these lovely ladies decree.

We will potentially have red babies in the fall of 2016, and chocolate babies in 2017.

Litters sired by our boys:

None at this time.


You are always welcome to email us to see what is in the works, things can change and often do :-)

Puppy families are welcome to prepare for their new family member with the purchase of a Puppy Layette from our petstore.

We also offer training packages of one or two week duration to help house and obedience train your new family member.

Looking for a photographer for your family photos or dog portraits?
Michael H Photography does a terrific job.
Mike has a very artistic eye and his photographs are a cut above
your standard portraits or staged shots.
Check out his website linked above to see more of his work!

See more Puppy Pictures

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