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Starquest Cricket's Furry Red Monster (Elmo)

photo at 22 months
DOB 07/18/2014
Hips prelim excellent at 18 months; Elbows normal for age

This is Elmo, our young fox red fellow from Starquest Labs. He's a sweet boy with a fabulous pedigree and a calm, willing demeanor. He's still a bit of a teenager right now, and has some teenage boy goofiness going on, but the bones are there and we anticipate him maturing into a very nice fellow!

He's kind of a love sponge lol - wants to still get in my lap even though he's a big boy now!

Sweet face!

Still some puppy going on though :-)

Serious bone goin' on there!

Pretty good for a gangly teenager :-)

Ahh - there's the puppy face!

And the puppy play!

So handsome!

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