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Cricket Hollow's Muy Caliente Sriracha (Siri)

7 months
dob 10/07/15

Here's some more of the future lookin' at ya :-) Ms. Siri has been an absolute blessing in my life, a dog who would rather sit with me and enjoy ear scratches and gaze at the fields than eat - very mellow and content and it's hard to deny that mutual adoration thing we have going on :-) She's as lovely inside as out! Future beautiful Red Fox babies await from this gorgeous young girl!

yes, she is really lovely for a tweenager!

and has lovely movement!

Yep, those eyes know how to work me!

Tweenager slumber party! (Jenga & Mavis)

Four months old, playing with Bramble, Jenga and Zoe (a border collie boarder puppy)

8 weeks old, those eyes already had me!

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