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Cricket Hollow's Sings in the Meadow (Lark)

photo at 17 months
         DOB 06/16/16  Hips; Elbows normal for age

Lark is our sweet OliveXAngus daughter, she is the sweetest, most happy girl, still a LOT of puppy going on there, but she's growing up into a beautiful, easy going and happy girl. She loves every dog and person she meets and is confident and happy go lucky! She is third generation here and bears a strong resemblance to her grandma Skye with the work ethic of her grandpa Boone. She's a blessing in our lives!

She's got a pretty head, when she perks up those ears, most of time she cups her ears, just like Grandpa Boone!

Grandma Skye reincarnated!

Grandpa Boone in the background :-) He's 13 now, and still doing well, as is Grandma Skye.

Baby Lark at 11 weeks - she was the cutest baby ever!

So fuzzy :-)

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