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Welcome to our Love Page #7, where you can read comments from some of our puppy families and meet their precious ones. Enjoy!

Queenie - a BumbleXThistle Daughter at 18 months

Queenie with her little sister, also a BumbleXThistle daughter, from a later litter

This is just the best picture!

Gorgeous girls swimmin!

They're obviously attached at the hip :-)


Mittie is still a youngster in this one, but growing fast!

Again, awww...

I can't stand it - plus - gorgeous scenery!

This was Queenie as a youngster - she did grow into those ears thankfully :-)

Queenie, Biscotti and Mittie - Scotti is one of our girls who retired and Rick's daughter adopted her - she has the BEST life now :-)

What a pretty trio, now they just need a black don't you think! Miss you Scotti!




Thought you may want a peak of your girls in our pasture (or Cricket Hollow Farm – South Campus) that we took over Thanksgiving. We had just finish some fairly strenuous exercising and retrieving, therefore the tongue wagging. Everyone liked each other and they had a great time; just too short. It appears that Margie and Aaron are making a good home for Biscotti or as Patti and I say “Scotti – Bee”, not that I had any doubt. They still speak of the send off that you gave Aaron and Biscotti and are very grateful for your kindness and trust.

We (Georgia and Mittie included) would like to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas! Keep in touch.

Best regards,


Mittie had a great B’Day and everybody had fun as well. Please see attached some recent photos with a close up of Mittie. The pics with them on laying together are in the back seat of my truck, and the pond photo (more to come in a 2nd email) is at our neighbor that adjoins our property. I will send some more photos in a minute. I am curious, is Glacier still available?

Best regards,



They are gorgeous aren’t they! Mittie is slightly longer than Georgia, but not as stocky or thick, nor is her head as blocky as Georgia. They are about the same height, which was hard to see in those photos. I imagine that she will begin to fill out more in the next 6 months. Georgia is the more dominant one, being older, but she only expresses that characteristic after Mittie has bothered her relentlessly. Mittie is the stronger/faster swimmer, maybe due to her more streamlined body. There is one thing for sure, what ever Georgia is doing, Mittie wants to be involved – good or bad, whereas Georgia is more independent.

But the best thing about them is they really love us, maybe even more than we love them; and that is saying a lot.

I was working on Patti about Glacier, but it is probably better that he went to the other family as we still have our 15–year old blind and deaf wirehair dachshund that requires attention.

Anyway I can not thank you enough for the 2 precious girls that we do have. And by the way I am not sure if I told you this, and if I have please forgive me, Patti has taken Georgia through the AKC Good Citizen Program and is now a Certified Good Citizen. Since then Patti has been taking her to an assisted living center for seniors on Friday mornings, where she performs as a therapy dog. Apparently from all reports she is a big hit at the center and is welcomed visitor.

Talk to you soon.

Rick wrote this in response to a request for a reference - thought I'd post it on here too :-)

I am pleased to provide a most positive reference for Cricket Hollow Farms, particularity Chris Anderson. Ms. Anderson runs a first class kennel, where the health and care of her dogs come first. Based on my observations and previous research (similar to that you appear to be conducting) you may find a kennel of equal quality, but not a better kennel. She makes a significant effort to breed only labs with proven health records and breed confirmation. Further she restricts the female breeding based on the performance of past pregnancies and limits the number of litters produced by any one female. We were so impressed with our first purchase (Georgia) that we purchased another (Mittie) and recommended one of Ms. Anderson's retirees (Biscotti) to our daughter. I should point out the Biscotti was only 3 years old when retired and had had only 2 litters. Please find attached a copy of photos of the above dogs taken this past Thanksgiving at our home: Georgia is on the left (2 years old), Biscotti in the center, and Mittie on the right (6 months old); all are females.

Our dogs are a combination pet and hunting dogs. They sleep in a crate in our laundry room, but typically are uncrated when we are home (which is often as my wife works at home). They know which rooms they are allowed in and which they are not. They love the outdoors, have excellent noses, alert to their surroundings and are focused on us and what we are doing (unless they are sleeping); therefore, they have been and are well behaved. There have been some puppy moments (house training, chewing a slipper, etc.) but much fewer than previous puppies we have had. They love being around people, even kids as well as other dogs. In fact our dogs have gotten along with every dog that they have encountered.

If you want a lab pup, I would strongly encourage you to consider Cricket Hollow.

Also, I have responded to each of your questions below.


Rick Whiteside

rwwhiteside @

Richard W. Whiteside, Ph.D., C.W.B., C.S.E.
Wetland & Ecological Consultants, LLC
3225 South Cherokee Lane
Woodstock. Georgia 30188

Cash - a BumbleXThistle son from 2008

Oh Cash - you naughty boy :-)

hi chris! i would be curious to know how cash's brothers and sisters are doing? do you know cash's brother's name?

here's a picture of him reading his b-day treat!

this was taken approx 10mins after he got his extra large tennis ball...

hope this finds you well!


Kobe - Cash's brother, a BumbleXThistle 2008 son

He likes it don't ya think?

Kobe at 1 year

Waitin' for his new hooman sibling to arrive :-)


Kobe did turn 1 yesterday. It is funny, my wife is pregnant with our first child, was due on May 23rd so we are expecting it any time now and were hoping she would go yesterday so we could have our baby share a birthday with Kobe but it didn’t happen. Anyway, he is great. He loves our new home and being out that tiny 3rd floor apartment. We moved to Madison, WI and have a dog park across the street from our house which he loves. He is extremely well behaved (except for the jumping on people which we have yet to break) and we are excited for him to meet our new addition. In all my years of being around labs I have never met a more quiet dog. He NEVER barks, growls or does anything. He has spoiled my wife into thinking that is how they all are which we both know is not the case. Anyway, I attached a couple of photos for you. Last time we took him to the vet he weighed 82 lbs and was healthy!


Chip Reitzell

This is Bubba a 2008 LunaXMaize son - gorgeous!

Bubba on the left :-)

Goofy dog :-)

Sorry it's taken so long to respond back to you. We can't believe Bubba is already a year old either. Time has certainly gone by fast! Bubba is being SO good!!! Sometimes we can't believe how good and we have to remind ourselves thatr he is only a year because he hasn't had any of the typical puppy behavior. He has done no chewing on things he shoudn't. We felt comfortable enough to let him be out of the cage right after Christmas(probably could have sooner but didn't want to tempt him) and he has been an absolute gem! When you said he'd be a shadow you meant it he loves to be right with us at all times. Doing dishes he's right in front of the sink doing laundry he's right at my feet. cleaning right there! Even taking a shower he likes to poke his head in and check in! needless to say we are absolutely in heaven with him. He is everything we were hoping for and more. He is a wonderful companion that is giving us so much joy. Thank you again for the fabulous job you obviously do breeding these guys. We feel so blest to have found you. I am sending you some updated photos the other dogs in the pics are neighbors dogs who he just loves to play with. The one of him in the window is my front one that he decided he needed to get up in one day when we were gone to better see what was going on with the neighbors.

Thanks again & I'll update again, Eileen Diede

Sophie is a 2007 FableXMaize daughter - gorgeous coat!

She sure does look like her mama in this one!

See, now this is a gorgeous photo of a black dog, why can't I manage that?!?

Look a baby brother for Sophie - I don't recommend this particular way to ride home, but darned if he isn't awfully cute!

Cooper is a 2008 ToryXMaize son, she's pretty happy 'cause he came with TOYS!

Awww - look at that worry face - too many toys to watch over Cooper?

Cooper at 1 year, man, I hope I get one like this for myself in the spring of 2010~

Lovely, lovely heads - they look worried that the camera operator is going to eat their cookie!

Seriously, just give us the cookie eh?

Hi Chris,
They are awesome and we get compliments all the time on how beautiful they are. I think Cooper is filling himself up with sticks, leaves, and Maple tree helicopters...he loves those seeds.

I'll do some sit / stays with the pups while on the walk and many people can't believe how well mannered they are. I think that a huge part of that is breeding...nice job Chris and thank you very much :-) I added two more pictures today and they're waiting for a cookie of course. Cooper is so funny because he wants to sit so tall it looks like he going to fall over. He does that all on his own too. I'm going to take them to to the dog park that Chuck goes to which has a lake......I'll send you some pix of their first excursion into the wet.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Doug & Kim

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