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Welcome to our Love Page #4, where you can read comments from some of our puppy families and meet their precious ones. Enjoy!

Markley- MaizeXBlossom daughter - 3 months

Markley needs a cookie :-)

Yeah - so I'm trying to swim in the water dish, so?

Hi Chris -

How are you? We wanted to share these pictures of Markley with you. She is doing well, and she is getting so big! She was 18 pounds at her first vet appointment, but she seems like she's a lot bigger than that now. She has some very silly habbits (like sleeping on our coffee table) that make us laugh. Sometimes she'll fall asleep there, roll onto the carpet, and never even wake up. She also loves all the attention she gets when we take her out on walks. We're constantly told that she is "beautiful," and we couldn't agree more.

I wondered if you have any tips about how to help her sleep through the night. Sometimes she needs to go out, but most of the time it seems like she just wants some middle-of-the-night attention. Is there anything we can do besides just letting her bark?

Wendy Silverman

Hi Chris -

I couldn't help but send you our next set of Markley pictures. She has had all of her shots now, and at her last vet appointment she weighed 28 lbs. The vet said she is growing at a good rate - not too fast.

She absolutely loves other dogs - unfortunately she doesn't meet very many who want to play with such a lively puppy. She is so sweet with the strangers she meets on her walks (and almost everyone who sees her wants to say hello to her). She never, ever bites anyway, and rarely jumps on them. Generally, she is equally as sweet with us...sometimes she likes to test us =). She knows sit and down, and we're working on stay. She'll start puppy kindergarten in a few weeks. She also knows the word "kisses," and will lick you when you say it. She's just about potty trained. We had a few setbacks until we got strict on crate training, but now she's doing well with it.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. We absolutely love Markley! I hope everything is well with you.

Wendy Silverma


Hi Chris -

How are you? I hope you having a great summer. I'm sending you some long overdue pictures of Markley. In most of them, she looks like she's either pouting or deep in thought. She actually has TONS of energy, but these are some of the funnier pictures of her. Joe and I love her so much and she is such a sweet girl.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, and thanks so much for Markley - I can't remember my life without her!

Wendy Silverman


Sonny - BlossomXMaize son 3 months

Sonny loves his papa!

Sonny also loves his newest chew toy!

All that box chewing wore him out!

Here's a few pictures of our boy. He is fantastic! Just love him!

- Mary

Zeke - MaizeXCricket Son - new photos coming soon

Zeke is awesome! I just want to share something real quick with you. I received a phone call from a lady yesterday inquiring about where I got Zeke. She had contacted, Carvilla, the obedience center where Zeke and I go to Puppy Kindergarten.
She was told by the owner, Trudy who happens to be our instructor, that Zeke is an amazing, outstanding puppy in every way. The best she has worked with in her 30 plus years of training,breeding and showing dogs! I thought Wow! I've got to share this with everyone at Cricket Hollow! Totally unsolicited praise for what you do and how you do it.
Remember this the next time someone does something stupid and makes you think twice about why you work so hard at Cricket Hollow.


Roxy - 18 month old GennyXMaize daughter

Roxy was originally placed as a puppy but due to a change in family circumstances came home to us and we found a new forever home for her and she is LOVING it


Hi Chris-
Just a quick note to let you know Roxy is doing just great and getting adjusted very quickly to her new home! Her first day was spent with Todd, Matt and me (I stayed home from work) and then Jim's 2 children came over in the evening. I think she got more exercise in that day then she ever had! The pictures attached were taken that first night and she was exhausted! She is really doing well and we have started working on sit, stay and coming when called by her new name... she is a quick learner. Also realized she responds really well to my very loud whistle (Todd hates it when I do it, but now he says it has finally come in handy!). She loves to swim in the pond and the first day she went in 4 times! She jumped in our koi pond first thing that morning, but I don't think she will do that again. The bottom is deep and she needed my help to pull her out. She has also mastered going in and out of the dog house that is connected between the house, screened porch, and outside patio. She loves sleeping in her crate in Todd's room.

Well, better get to work, but wanted to share our joy with you. Thanks for making it possible and rest assured that Roxy is VERY HAPPY!!! I'll stay in touch...

Chris - I wanted to tell you a story reflecting what a great disposition Roxy has... My mom came for a 3 day visit when I got out of surgery in mid-January (nothing serious, but painful, etc.) and she brought her cocker spaniel, Pepper. Roxy was soooo good with Pepper (although Pepper was intimidated by Roxy's size and would get on the ottoman so he could look her in the eye) and if Roxy had one of her many chewies, of course Pepper wanted that exact one. So, Rox was lying down with a bone between her paws and Pepper came up and pawed the bone away while Roxy just sat and watched!!! No aggression or anything. She just got up and found something different to gnaw on. My mom couldn't believe how good and well behaved she was with the littler (more aggressive) dog! Anyway, I really love her and thank God that you and I found each other!
Take care and I will keep trying to get you a new picture.

Autumn 12 month old MaizeXGenny baby

Happy girl :-)

Hi Chris,
I figured an update on Autumn (aka Daffodil) is long past due! She is coming up fast on her first birthday next month, but nobody would guess she's still a puppy at 90lbs (although her exuberant manner tends to give her away). She's truly a delight each and every day and never ceases to surprise us and make us laugh. Our three cats are finally getting used to their new "little" sister and Autumn's even made fast friends with one of them, to everyone's surprise. She's developed a very polite ritual of waiting for the cats to go outside each morning before her - Autumn will jump back to make way for them and will even refuse to go out first when we try to coax her! She loves to spend time relaxing with her dad on the couch, chasing butterflies in the backyard, visiting her friends at the dog park, and swimming in her very own pool. She is a fetching fool and will only stop out of compassion when we're too worn out to continue. She and the neighbor beagle are best friends and spend hours running back and forth along the fence...not to mention conspiring together to dig holes in order to visit face to face. Her only enemies are a couple of stone lions guarding a house we usually pass on our walks. Autumn decided they offended her and barks away whenever she see them. It's very cute!

All of our friends and family members (even the non-dog people) agree that she is the most beautiful and well behaved dog they've ever met, and we couldn't agree more. She's extremely affectionate and is especially attracted to children, which is also when we see her on her best and most gentle behavior. We love all of the different expressions Autumn uses to communicate with us, our favorite being the "lip bite" she displays when she's perplexed or confused. Most of the time, however, she's brightening our house with her big puppy smile! Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family.
Kerry and Jamie Galarza
p.s. - Autumn may be coming for a visit soon, since we have a vacation in the works and we know that the Lucky Dog Lodge would be a great vacation for Autumn while we're away! We'll be in touch as our plans come together.

Dewey is a 2005 Son of Lucy & Ty

Dewey with his partner Matt on top of Loveland Pass.
Dewey's mom says: "I think Dewey spotted a Pika"

Dewey's mom says: Dewey was fearless in the Pacific - it was hard to
keep him out! He was nicknamed "Buoy" after this trip to CA!!

Dewey 'hard at work' with Matt in the Pacific Ocean

Dear Cricket Hollow Family,

Sorry it has taken us forever to write - time is speeding past and Dewey is
sooooo beautiful!!! We celebrated his 6 month old birthday on the 21st (we
had a little party for him - fellow canine friends, toys and yogurt on his
dinner). But every day is a party with Dewey (not to sound corny but it's
He is so incredibly smart - he caught on pretty quick how to heel alongside
Matthew's wheelchair and we take Dewey everywhere with us. He acts so proud
in his little service-dog-in-training-vest. When we first brought him home
to Colorado, we would take him to the park near the Blue River where there
is a shallow pond. Little by little he went into the water and soon enough
Dewey was swimming. He loves it! I love it because everyday Dewey and I
explore hiking trails. Of course it's not all play however....Dewey spent
time at "Boot Camp" while I went home to visit my parents in Ohio. Dewey
loved it and learned the basics - Becky, his trainer, was working with him
on sit, stay, heel ,come, down, give, and was bringing him into public
areas. Becky didn't want to give him up so she is now his "godmother"! But
we are all working together with him, mostly just consistency with what he
already knows (for now). We are using the click-treat method -very positive
training. Dewey had a blast at "camp" because there were five other dogs
(four female labs and one male golden) for him to hang with and learn from.
Apparently he pranced right in and became alpha puppy. A very diplomatic
one as Becky said he never showed aggression. For some reason this pack who
had been together for over five years just sort of gave him respect
He is such a goof and loves to carry around his squeaky toys, squeaking them
the whole time. And he is such a little snuggler - he comes up on the bed
with us in the morning to fall asleep after his big breakfast. We just love
him so much!!!
We have pictures for you but they are not digital so I will send them via
snail mail.

Dewey Bogue, Matteo, and Kris Ann

Hello Chris! As I sit here writing this, Dewey is fast asleep with his head on my foot... probably dreaming about the OCEAN!!! We just returned froma road trip to S.California where every day we ran on the beach. Dewey surfed the waves like a seal! Then we came back to Colorado with snow on the ground (yikes) - it's so awesome to watch Dewey explore new experiences. Matthew and I love him so much and he's such a goofball. He loves to sleep on his back, legs splayed everywhere, to get a belly rub. One of his new friends is a little yorkie named Pickle - Dewey is so gentle with her but when they're done playing, Pickle is soaked! It is pretty funny. Hope you enjoy the pictures - we have tons of 'em. My mom already has a huge album filled w/Dewey pics (even the blurry pics)! How is mama Lucy doing? Give her extra hugs from Dewey and us...

Take care, KrisAnn,Matthey & of course DEWEY!!


Sasha with her best buddy Sheba

I think Sheba loves her :-) awww...

Deb says "Sheba is watching birds, Sasha found the puppy in the fireplace,
(her own reflection in the glass doors) - this made me laugh out loud!

Good Afternoon Chris,

Just wanted to sent you an update on our "Little Girl" who is not that little anymore. She is such a wonderful dog and we love her dearly!!! She is over 30 pounds and growning more each day. She had her first trip to Wisconsin over Labor Day and just loved running with Sheba. She rode very well in the truck, although Dave had taken for little rides previously to get her use to the back of the truck and of course she had Sheba right next to her. She was so tired by the end of the 3rd day she slept for 2 days.

She is so easy to train and a fast learner. She is still biting Sheba, but not as bad. She follows us all over the house. You and your daughter did a fantastic job of training our little girl and it shows. I hope all is going well with Sasha's brothers and sisters.

Take care and will keep you posted as she grows. Did you get the pictures I mailed to you??

Debbie Schmitt


BlossomXMaize 2005 Son

I think Cooper needs a cookie!

Good boy Cooper, good sit!

Cooper is getting big, almost catching Herb!

Who is who? Okay Herb on the Right, Cooper on the left!

Pretty soon Cooper will win the tug wars!

I think Cooper is growing, eh?

They don't even seem to MIND their outfits :-)

Cooper needs to come visit Gramma, I miss him :-)

Hi Chris!
I took some 4 month old pics of Cooper and thought I would share them with you! Enjoy! He is getting to be such a big boy! He's lost 6 teeth already and some adult ones are coming in! (Hope they aren't as sharp!) Hope all is well with you!
Jeanna :)

Hi Chris!
I have a quick question for long do you keep your dogs on the Pro Pac puppy food? Til they are a year? Just wondering. Here are some 5 month old pics of Cooper! (Hope they turn out for you. They looked good on my home computer, but are kind of dark on my work computer, not to mention that black dogs are hard to see!) How are things with you? Any new pups coming along soon for you to love on!!?? Hope so!
Give Blossom and Maize hugs from us!
Jeanna, Herb, and Cooper :)

Thought you'd want to see recent pics of Cooper....he's getting to be a big boy!!! :) He's still quite handful, but he's a keeper! :) Hope all is well with you!
Jeanna :)

Hi Chris!
I just wanted to say hello and send Holiday greetings your way! I was hoping to send a pic of the boys in my Christmas cards, but my envelopes were too small! Hope all is well at Cricket Hollow! I bet you are busy with little ones! Cooper LOVES the snow! His favorite thing to do is eat it! He can't get enough of it! Who needs a shovel when Cooper is around!???
Happy Holidays!
Jeanna, Herb, and Cooper :)


Lucy X Ty 2005 girl Kya

Too funny!

Give me the cookie!

Or you'll never see froggy again!

Hey Chris

Wow, it has been awhile! Well, I thought I would update you a little with Kya pics. These are from the end of August when my mom was here visiting. I have a tonne of them, and for some reason cannot figure out how to consolidate them into one e-mail, so please forgive me if you get a bunch of e-mails with different pics...I wanted to show you a few, but they are not all together in the same bunches!
How is it going? We are having a great time here. Kya is getting spayed at the end of the month (!!!!) I can't believe she is 6 months already! She is still excellent at all of her commands and only really has loose leash walking and the whole exuberance when greeting people and around strange people left to really work on. She is signed up for a new Home Basics class and I have just spoken with someone about coming into the house to help us help Kya in the whole meet and greet part! She walks great on a leash as long as she has her gentle leader on, but I just want her to get used to walking great with anything, which this Home Basics program should help more with.
She is such an awesome dog Chris. So smart and so full of fun! I just love her! Thanks so much for letting me into your little extended labby family. She stays pretty calm in the house and LOVES playing outside...As you will see in some of the pics to come, she is now trying her best to catch a frisbee in her mouth. She will play fetch with it only about ten m inutes now, before bringing it back to you and dropping it, then running ten feet away and begging you to throw it up for her to catch!! Too cute!
Well, I get comments on her look all the time...people love her face! I do too, but of course I may be a bit biased. She has friends all over the neighbourhood who have watched her grow up with all our walks and who look forward to seeing her during the week to check out how much she has grown. Some people say they think she will be big, others say maybe medium. Funny, because I still think she is small, so I have no idea. She gets weighed this saturday when I take her in to get her new heartgard...I will let you know the amount. But yes, she loves her walks and her fetching. I remember when I thought she would never learn to she has proven smarter than that and taken it to the next level. Oh and I have to say...something I am thrilled with...she LOVES other dogs, but picked up pretty quickly that I don't like her trying to get to them when we are walking or they are outside of her yard....she is amazing...there will be other dogs in their own yards or walking by on their own leashes, choking and barking and straining to get to Kya. She looks at them and is interested, but all I have to do is quietly say "be good" and she just keeps on going. Makes me very proud. She never barks, I think we have only heard her bark three times in the whole time we have had her. Two were while playing and one was at another dog who had nipped her, I guess that one was more of a yelp.
Anyhow, enough of this book....again, sorry for all the e-mails to come with the next pics...i just have a few favorites I'd like you to see. take care. Let me know what is going on with you. I am sure you are keeping more than busy!
Have a great week.





GennyXMaize 2003 puppy, photos soon (I hope) :-)


Hi Chris and Don and girls!

Just a quick note to say how excited Libby is about coming to visit this month and at Christmas! I am still terribly inept at sending pics online, but wish I could so that our baby girl could be added to your Love Page! What a wonderful idea. People are amazed by Libby when they meet her. So they always ask where we got her. We encourage everyone to head to Cricket Hollow!
Libby has been a wonderful addition to our kids athletic teams. She is becoming quite good at soccer and baseball, but her favorite is basketball and football. She does try golf...but that really hurts the kids scores! Abby, our 8th grader, says that her ball handling and her defense has improved drastically because of how Libby challenges her. The neighborhood kids don't just come and get our kids, they get Libby too! She also loves playing hide and go seek also. All have been amazed at her ability to find anyone!
I just really wanted to say thank you for choosing such a perfect puppy for our family! She is such an asset to our home. You will never know how truly grateful we are for her and for you!

Tom and Tiffany....Liberty Grace's mom and dad!

Ginger - 2004 GennyXMaize puppy

Go Ginger go - good girl!


just thought I would forward this to you. It's about Ginger's first hunting trial in the started division. She aced Saturday and got her ribbon for passing. Vito and I both cried it was such a beautiful sight. We couldn't go Sunday, but it sounds like she did even better. We are picking her up Friday and bringing our babygirl home. Pam

Hi Pam,

Ginger again was wonderful Sunday. Her first water mark landed on the shore behind a bush. She hunted a little, but her nose picked up the scent and she realized she had to get out of the water to pick it up. She came right back through the water and delivered the bird. The second water mark gave a splash. She went right for it and returned perfectly. Her land marks were very long through goose decoys again. A lot of the dogs were pushed away from the bird by the wind on the first mark. Most of them had long hunts before they stumbled on the bird. Not Ginger, she marked the bird perfectly. She was maybe 2 feet down wind and as she passed the bird, she used the wind to hook right into it. It was a very pretty retrieve. She nailed the second mark on land...straight out and straight back.

We'll get some more upland in this week and see you on Friday.


Hi! sorry it's been so long since I updated you on Ginger. I will have you know that Princess Ginger Snap ( I don't know where to start) is absolutely gorgeous. She's still quite the redhead. She is getting huge, we haven't had her to the vet since she was six months old and then she weighed 57 lbs.. I think she weighs 80 if not 85 lbs., Vito however is in total denial (his baby can't be that big). She will go in her kennel before being asked when she knows we are leaving. Vito has had her out pheasant hunting several times,she got her papa three today, but he missed one. She was not happy about that and tried to go get it in the woods herself. She is still very much the puppy, we call her the labrador evader when she gets ahold of something we don't want her to have. She is the joy of our lives. I don't remember what it was like not having her with us. Just wanted to let you know all is well. When I get some new digital shots I'll send some more. Pam



Howard - and his little buddy - he's a GennyXMaize baby

Dear Chris,

Here is a recent picture of Howard (a.k.a. Gill from the Genny and Maize litter 12/03). He is almost 2 years old now - I can't believe it! Doesn't he look exactly like Maize?!

Howard is a GREAT dog - he's funny and smart and still such a puppy, and so good with our baby who is 9 months old. We have referred a few people to Cricket Hollow because we have had such a great experience.

Hope your holiday season is going well and Happy New Year!

Kind Regards,

Allison and Pete Hoste

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