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Welcome to our Love Page #3, where you can read comments from some of our puppy families and meet their precious ones. Enjoy!

Maddy - KiwiXSam Daughter

Maddy - 4 months

Swimming Lessons!

Hi Chris!

Well, it has been a fun first week at the McQuellon Household (apart from the various middle of the night bathroom trips outside). Maddy has adapted very well to things around here so far. Just like you said, she has gotten over the "quiet good new puppy" stage and progressed to the "I am going to go where I want and cause as much mischief as I can" stage :). Attached are a couple of pictures- we have dial up, so just a few choice ones. She has really taken to water! We bought her a kiddy pool the second day after she kept climbing into her water bowl.

Hi Chris,

Well, it has been about two months now and I thought an update might be in order on our Maddy (the puppy formerly known as Cherry). I also have a couple new questions. Lets start with the fun stuff:
Maddy is doing well, and has been growing like a weed. At our vet trip last week she was over 33 pounds. She is doing well with obedience training (unless something more fun wanders by). We have sit, stay, heal, and down in our repertoir and are getting the hang of going to the bathroom in the same spot. She went for her first official swim last week and did very well. Just this morning she chased a quail at the in-laws farm. We are very happy with our little lady and are looking forward to lots of upcoming adventures.

Curt & LeAnn (& Maddy) McQuellon

Coach - DeuceXMocha baby (Biscotti's brother)



I've attached a few pics of Coach's first couple weeks at home with
us. He seems to be adjusting very well. The housebreaking is going
ok and after the first couple nights he sleeps quietly in his crate at
night. We are starting to recognize and understand his behaviors and
tendencies. He's met several dogs and people in the neighborhood and
has been swimming at the lake a few times. He visited the vet last
week and gained nearly 4 lbs in the first week. He's in perfect
health and everyone he meets is a friend (who also happens to think
he's the cutest thing they've ever seen).

He starts puppy kindergarten at the end of the month.

Thanks again for everything. We can't get over what a good dog he's
been and we love him soooo much. We'll send you some more pictures

Dave & Sandy

Deuce - MochaXDeuce boy - Biscotti's other brother!

Deuce - 3 months

Deuce 3 months

Hello Chris,
I just wanted to email you the progress with lil' Deuce mister! He is doing great with training he has had a few accidents but they where my fault, I was trying to get ready. He can sit, lay down, go to his house, and roll over and come when he is called. Took him to the vet last week and he weight in at 13 lbs. He sleeps A LOT! He is so laid back I have to wake him up sometimes so we can play, it took him some time to get used to his kennel but with a little reassurance he took to it after a week I think he realized there where goodies stashed all over his house so now he just wonders in and plops down for naps and the occasional treat.
The neighborhood has pretty much adopted him as well, he has aunts and uncles and cousins every side of him plus a bunch of four legged friends.
We have introduced the boat to him, he seems fine with it found his spot and sleeps we call him first mate AHOY. We could not ask for a better dog I'm so excited to watch him grow.
Thank you again for keeping us on the list, I'll keep you posted on his progress.
Attached is a photo you tell me do you think he's comfortable in our home?
Thanks again Chris!

Greetings Chris,
Just a real quick note to update you. Deuce is doing so well with his training, I just wonder if this is the calm before the storm, I could not have asked for a more laid back pooch. Sometimes I wonder if he really is a lab??? He has completely adapted to his kennel and is always's ready to get up at 4:30 every morning, sleeps all the way through no more midnight potty breaks. He has his last vaccinations on Friday with the exception of rabies vac. He is completely potty trained and can do more tricks... Sit, Stay, down, on your back, paw, off, leave it and still working on gentle I swear every time he looks at me his mouth salivates, I'm sure in his head he is thinking "ahhh turkey leg" I have sprayed myself with bitter apple but found he doesn't mind it... Oh well!
We have gone to the woods several times and I can't tell if he likes it or not.. One thing is for sure he HATES the hot weather. He is not a boat dog the last couple of times we went out he has gotten sea sick. If you have ever seen anyone get sea sick it looks just the same on a dog MISERABLE! Well, I'll keep you posted with more but he is up and active gotta follow the pooch...
How is little biscotti?

Chesney - 4 months, 2005 LucyXTy baby

Tara & Chesney - in Washington, DC

Hi Chris -

Just thought I would drop you a quick note and an update on Chesney.

She's getting soooo big...topped out at 25 pounds at the vet last week! She's healthy as can be and absolutely fearless. She loves EVERYONE!

And everyone loves her. I can't tell you how many people stop me on the sidewalk and tell me how beautiful she is. I even had someone stop their car in the middle of the street earlier this week to tell me how gorgeous she is! I take her to restaurants with me all the time - she's so well behaved and a huge hit.

Her training is going really well. She has good days and bad days on the house training front, but I guess that is to be expected. She loves to fetch, she knows sit, "no biting," and "off," and she is absolutely amazing on her leash.

I'm taking her to the Northern Neck of Virginia with me this weekend. She is great in the car, so we're road tripping to a fabulous little resort on the far inner-bay where there are lots of trails, a beach, boats, etc. I think she is going to have a blast!

Anyway, here is the latest picture (taken a week and a half ago). She can't quite get on the couch yet, but she sure does try! Hope her brothers and sisters are doing well!

Take care,

Hi Chris -

For some reason I was thinking about you and your pups today, and I thought
I would drop you a note.

Chesney is doing great. She is truly a momma's baby. She lays on my feet
in the morning while I brush my teeth, she naps on the couch with me on
Sunday afternoons, and she absolutely will not lay down anywhere in the
apartment unless she can see me. She's not allowed on the bed, but I woke
up a couple of weeks ago with her sitting next to the bed with her face
laying next to mine on the pillow.

Last week was her last leash training lesson, and I think the trainer would
agree that I required more training than Chesney did. She does great on the
leash, although sometimes she just can't contain her excitement for other
puppies. She just loves to play.

In fact, doggy daycare is one of her favorite things EVER. She can barely
contain her excitement when we get in the car in the morning. The only
downside of doggy daycare has been one nasty case of canine influenza. It
made its way through DC about two months ago, and almost all of the pups at
her daycare center came down with it. She was a real trooper about the
whole thing, and I have a great vet, so we both survived. That said, I was
in tears I felt so awful for her, so I hope we never have to go through that

Chesney and I drive to Cleveland tomorrow to visit my brother and his dog,
Bear. We'll drive to Illinois for Christmas to be with "Grandma" and
MacKenzie (my mom's black lab). We'll be home with my mom for a week, and
then Chesney will be staying alone with her Grandma for another week while I
head to Belize for a vacation. If you're around over the holiday, I would
love to bring Chesney out for a visit!

I've attached a couple of pictures from last month. One is Chesney in her
piggy Halloween costume, and the others are Chesney with her momma. That
angel face of hers keeps her spoiled and (relatively) out of trouble. How
can a mom resist?! ;)

Hope all is well with you and the crew, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Take care,

Cyrano (puppy) LucyXTy baby and his family

Cyrano and Baker, his 'brother' Baker


Hi Chris, we thought you would like these pictures. Baker and Cyrano are getting along great and Cyrano is growing fast: he weighs 27lbs (as of the last vet visit 6-25-05). He and Baker love to chase each other and Cyrano does not back down just uses his speed to run under the coffee table or table outside! He is fully potty trained, can sit, knows down and loves to give his paw for food without asking for it (this should give you an idea that he knows what cookies are and when we have them in our hand). The vet did check him out for any signs of dysplasia and did not find any at this time (we are very cautious for obvious reasons {Note from Chris: Baker their other lab had elbow dysplasia and has had surgery, he is not from Cricket Hollow Farm though and unrelated to our dogs} but thought you would like to know). Everything is going great and he loves his new home and big brother!

Hope all is well with you guys, the "crew" and Cyranos brothers and sisters. Take care

Note: forwarded message attached.

Scott A. McCord

Hi Chris.
Here are some updated pictures of Cyrano, he such a sweet loving
companion! He weighs about 83 pounds, is about 24 inches tall (to the
shoulders) and 44 inches long from the rear (not the tail)! He is
bigger than Baker and can hold his own with him now, but they are best
friends! Hope all is well at the lucky dog lodge.


ps: he just finished "manners" class at pottstown obediance, though he
was way ahead of the class since being under the tuetalage of Baker.
We would like to enroll him in an agility class, as he loves bouncing
around in the woods this time of year.

Kya - LucyXTy daughter at 3 months

Hey Chris
How are you??? I wanted to send some semi-updated pics of Kya. I took a bunch this weekend as well that I will try and get off to you soon. These are from the end of June and she has already grown so much since then!
She is doing great - housetrained (well, she hasn't head an accident in over three weeks and tells us when she wants to go out - I know technically you can't call them housetrained until it has been 12 weeks accident-free. She is pretty obsessive about it though and holds it when we aren't getting her hints) graduated puppy kindergarten two weeks early - the instructor wanted to move her up to basic obedience since she has all the stuff down and then some for what we learned there. She can "sit", "down", "wait", "stand", "leave it" (she is EXCELLENT at this and even left an entire plate of spilled human food when she was able to get to it way faster than any of us!) is getting pretty good at "come" and "off" and is getting the hang of walking on a loose leash. She finally grasped the concept of fetch and now plays it every chance she can get. She has a couple of lab friends in the neighbourhood and the next door neighbours is one she loves to torment. She is an older lab and Kya keeps her excercised!! She also keeps Kya in line, which is great!
She had her final shots last friday and her rabies. The vet loves her. She loves everybody, but in particular must know he is a stellar guy...she goes crazy when she sees him.
Well, I hope all is well there. Any new puppies?? I'd love to be on that farm in this great summer weather!!
Take Care and I will be sure to stay in touch.



Dakota a SamXKiwi baby @ 12 weeks

Dakota praying her mama will refill the kong :-)

Dakota @ 4 months - wow she is gorgeous!

Dakota at 4 months

Dakota - SamXKiwi baby at 5 months


The several month wait for Kiwi to get pregnant seemed like it would never end. Then she got pregnant and it seemed like forever until our new (and first) chocolate baby came home with us. It has now been almost 5 months since Dakota was born and we just wanted to tell you how blessed we truly feel.

When I first emailed you over a year ago, asking if you had 2 puppies available, I had emailed several Labrador breeders and you were the only one that did not reply back with a dollar amount. Every breeder told us how many they had and how much but you were very honest with me and explained what the pack order is and how much work two pups from the same litter can be. This was to be our first Labrador pup and we needed guidance more than we knew. It was your advice, breeding standards, and love of the breed that had us choose you as our breeder.

Now Dakota is almost 5 months old and we have to honestly say that we couldn’t have picked a better puppy. You matched our profile exactly to Dakota’s and made sure we both had the best of everything this relationship could offer. Indeed, we have. She is the most loveable, sweet, beautiful, smart, and sociable pup. Of course, she is still a puppy and gets sassy at times but her tail never stops wagging. Even the doggie daycare staff says that she is the only dog they have ever seen that is always happy and the most tired part of her at the end of the day is her rear end – the whole thing wags when her tail wags. It is so adorable! So, we are currently thinking about making her AKC name: “Cricket’s Miss Wiggle Bottom”. What a hoot!

Again, we wanted to say that Dakota has been such a blessing and it is through your experience and love of your dogs that she has come into our life. You have blessed our house with such love, happiness, and laughter!

God Bless

Shannon, Greg, and Dakota Steffen

This is worth the download - hysterical!

Dakota's First (and Last) Indoor Bath -

Did I learn my lesson or what?!?! (LAUGH)


8 Towels to sop up all the water off the floor - $0
1 sopping wet bedspread she had to roll on afterward her "bath" (while running away from me) - $0
1 dog wet couch she just had to jump all over (while running away from me still) - $0
1 lip balm (mine) she found while on the bedspread and ran hyper throughout the entire house (while running away from me STILL) - $0 (cause I did get it back)
1 dog collar that she decided to run around the house with and chew on the end of (while running away from me STILL STILL STILL!) - $0 (took 20 minutes to get this one back!)
Getting it all on video - PRICELESS! :)

Anyone know the name of a good groomer in Milwaukee? (major laugh)

~Shannon :)

Hailey- CricketXMaize baby @ 8 weeks

Hailey and her new pool!

Hailey all worn out from her adventures! I can't wait to see her try this when she is 70 pounds!

Queen of the stairs!

Glamour girl :-)


Hey Chris!

Thought I'd let you know that Ms. Hailey arrived safe and sound in her new home. She was fantastic on the ride home and met two of her new grandparents, an aunt, uncle and little Anna who couldn't wait to play with her. She definitely doesn't like the crate but she seems to be getting used to it. Last night was a little tough but she has been such a good girl going to the bathroom outside and only has had one accident but on newspaper! We're trying to set up her schedule and stick to it so we'll see. We are having a great time with her - she is absolutely adorable!! I was able to get in to see our vet today vs. Saturday so we're on our way there. Here are a few pictures... and I promise to keep you updated! Thanks for everything

Good luck this week!

Carie & John Holzl
Hey Chris!

Wow, what a week!! She is growing like a weed, I can hardly believe it. We are having so much fun - she is a total sweetheart and so funny to watch and play with. I'm so proud of her potty training as well, she is going outside on schedule and has never gone in her crate. I'm sure she loves getting those treats and "good girls" after going outside so she's been waiting. I'm so impressed! We've been taking her to the coffee shop with us and is getting so much attention and friends, kids and other dogs that have come to visit so she's been getting lots of socialization and fun. We bought a kiddy pool last weekend with the hot weather and she has really cracked us up watching her jump in and paddle her paws. We're now just getting up once a night to let her go potty and she rarely whines, just for a few minutes so it's not bad. I think last I e-mailed we were headed to the vet so she's had her heartworm "chewy" and is scheduled for her next distemper. She loves the puppy kong recipe too...

I've attached some pictures of her adventures of late! How are things on your end? Has it calmed down now that all the puppies have gone?

Hope all is well... great to hear from you.

Carie & John

Hey Chris!

How are you? It looks like you've got some more litters planned this fall so I'm sure you're gearing up again for craziness. I finally took the time to download all 102 pictures from our digital camera and have some new shots of Hailey that I wanted to send to you. Time is flying by so fast, I can hardly believe it! I seems like Hailey has always been part of our family... can't remember what life was like without her (certainly not nearly as fun!). She is now up to 30 pounds and has all her shots and has a following around town. We have met so many new people and neighbors we didn't even know we had thanks to Hailey! We are constantly getting stopped on the street and told what an absolutely gorgeous dog we have - she's made us quite popular. She's walking really well now - the harness has been a help and she loves to play with Milo, our neighbors Boxer who she consistently pins down - all 95 pounds of him! She's a tough cookie and holds her ground with other dogs but loves to play, play, play! We do our best each day to tire her out! But she also loves to snuggle up on the couch with us at the end of long day... my favorite! We've really made her a part of our lives, she goes just about everywhere with us and loves car rides, the coffee shop, all the nieces and nephews and knows where to find the treats at grandma and grandpa's house. We were also very impressed that Hailey had her first water retrieve at about 11 or 12 weeks. We took her to a spring water quarry close by and she jumped right in and brought us back the stick about 10 times. I think I saw a tear in John's eye! ; ) We were so amazed at what a natural she was. We've taken her back in recent weeks and we've noticed that she is more fearful and does seem a little more intimated to get in and swim but I'm sure that will change as she gets used to it. She starts puppy school next Monday - "Clix World" where she'll get to socialize and we'll learn more about the clicker training which we're looking forward to. She has learned very quickly the basics too. She sits and stays very well and gives her Paw (too cute!) and lays down. She comes pretty well but not when she's really sniffing something out so we need to work on that one. She just has the cutest personality, she makes us laugh so much and is just such a good girl. She is growing up to be a beautiful dog and I really can't tell you how many people have told us that she is one of the best looking labs they've ever seen. We, of course, agree!!

I could go on for many more paragraphs I'm sure! I'll let you know how puppy school goes and send more pics soon... I have many more as she is growing right before our very eyes.

I hope all is well with you!

Carie & John

Hi Chris,

Happy New Year! I hope all is well on your end and you all had a nice Holiday season. Time is flying on our end but I finally got a new cord so I could download some of the pictures I promised you in the Christmas card!

A few are of Hailey on her first pheasant outing with the boys in Iowa. She sure is a natural and everyone was very impressed not only with how beautiful she was but with what a great job she did in the field. John let her hang back a lot of the time as not to get her too worn out but she watched the other dogs and really held her own. We take her to a Forest Preserve near us every weekend and many times she’s scared up a few birds here and there. Needless to say, her father is very proud of her!

I included a few from Halloween, she was a huge hit at her puppy class that night in her Elvis costume as you can imagine! She has responded extremely well to her click training (the smartest in her class and no, I’m not prejudice! ; ) We have continued that at home and plan to do a doggie good manners class through the same organization. She is about 61 pounds now and thinks she’s 5! She loves to snuggle up on us on the couch with us at night which is getting more difficult as she keeps growing! Oh, I’ve also included a cute smiley picture with her cousin Gunner who she loves to chase and play with. We’re lucky to have lots of dogs in our family and group of friends to keep her busy… she really loves to play!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Care & John Holzl


Molly - PoncaXMaize baby at 4 months (Buttercup's sister)

Molly at 6 months

Molly needs a few more toys I think - hee hee

Molly experiencing her first swim!

Okay…it has been 2 weeks since Molly’s spay and she is doing great. Stitches stayed intact, now healed and she behaved well for 14 days since she didn’t get to play much.

She is now 60 lbs. and eating her adult food full force. She has slimmed down and become more muscular losing most all of her baby fatness. Playing up a storm and loves to fetch her ball and/or stick or throws around her stuffed cow (yes it moos when you squeeze it). Walking daily at least 2 times and playing with her neighbor dog, a blond girl lab, Murphy.

She is completely attached to me and follows me as if I am going somewhere so interesting and she must go too. She loves car rides and has no fear with anything – not even the vet.

She sits during the day and stares out the glass door at the massive butterfly bushes I have in my front yard. They attract the butterflies all summer long in droves and they are first thing she shoots for when she is let out to “potty potty”. What a silly rabbit she it.

She had her first swimming in the lake experience last month and the picture is enclosed. She loved it although it wore her out. I have enclosed some other pictures for you!

Dawn Ellington (

Cooper - MaizeXCricket son @ 3 months

Cooper - 3 months

Cooper - 3 months, I can't wait to see him try that in a few months! His head probably won't even fit!

HI Chris!!!

Thought it was high time you see some photos of "Mini-Maize" aka Cooper. I can't even begin to express to you what an amazing boy he is. His sweet-tempered, easy-going yet silly personality have COMPLETELY won us over. Our entire family is totally smitten with him too...he gets showered with love and gifts from both his grandmas every time they see him! He has been in puppy training now for 3 weeks and is moving up to beginners this coming Thursday - he is so responsive and intelligent! He is comfortable in every single environment too - at home in the condo, at work with Matt and out in the wilderness up in Wisconsin! We're having so much fun watching him grow and we'll be sure to keep sending you photos! Thanks again for blessing us with our Cooper!!!!

P.S. - Give Cricket and Maize a hug for us!







Photos to come, hopefully :-)

Hi Chris,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that our two labs,
Lucy (Maize x Cricket 2004) and Riley (Sam x Kiwi 2005) have become the
best of friends and they are wonderful family dogs. We just love them - They
are both great with the kids. They are both beautiful, but I have to tell
you, Lucy looks like a show dog. She has had a great summer swimming and
going to the dog park - she is a lean machine! Riley is still a skinny,
tall wonderfullly sweet boy. We always say we should have named him
"Wags" because he wags his tail all the time.

Just thought you should know - your pups are doing great!

Louise Bornhofen

BlossomXMaize Daughter


Photos coming soon!

Hi - I had to share with you what an amazing pup Rosie is. Not only is she one of the smartest, if not the smartest, dogs that I think I've ever had, but she has such an
incredible personality!

Already she goes to the door and sits on the rug when she has to "go
potty"; she has her own potty spot outside (away from where the others go);
she walks very well on a leash; and she is getting used to her crate - she
even slept in it a time or two (during the day - she still prefers to sleep
on her bed - with Molly - beside our bed. However we really don't worry
about her as she has been sleeping through the night now for 3 nights.
The other day I noticed that she was tinkling on the floor even after she
had just gone outside. Well, I finally realized that as I was giving her a
bite of kibble and praising her when she went, I was actually doing it too
early. So as soon as she heard me say "good girl". she stopped pottying and
waited for the treat to come. So, of course, she would finish when we got
back into the apartment. Now, I've learned to wait until she has completely
finished. It is a little humbling being outsmarted by a 10 week old puppy,
but I'm getting used to it.

She is so sweet , affectionate and funny - she is truly a joy to have

Thanks again,


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