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Welcome to our Love Page #6, where you can read comments from some of our puppy families and meet their precious ones. Enjoy!

Sampson - BumbleXThistle Boy

Sampson - BumbleXThistle Boy

Hi Chris,

Sampson is doing great!!! He sleeps in his crate no problem, last night he only got up once and went out to go poop and pee, then slept until 6am! He goes in and out his crate during the day and loves it!! He is so smart, he only has an accident if I am not watching, he heads to the back door when he needs to go.

He had his first vet visit and they said he had an umbilical hernia, it is the size of 1/2 of your pinky tip so we will just watch it closely. Other than that he is perfect if course!!

I wanted to ask you for a tip on nipping, he actually does great, really gentle, but there has been two instances where he is playing with Ellie and really sinks his teeth in. She has two little puncture marks. I read the article about saying ouch, but I that doesn't stop him when he is in the act, any suggestions? I thought maybe because she is the littlest and he finds her his equal? I might have to say she can't even allow any play wrestle until he grows out of it.

Anyway, I want you to know I think he is truly happy, the kids wear him out. He loves to be on his back, when you play he flips over onto his back it is so funny. He also loves to get his belly rubbed, so I am sending you some pictures to show you how he is adjusting.

Hope all is well!
Tamara Hoffman

Hi Chris,

I wanted to drop you a note and send you some pics of Sampson, Mr. Bee. I have to say I think I like Mr. Bee better! Anyways as you will see in the pictures, he has a new friend that he plays on, sleeps on and trys to play top dog with. He is doing great, he goes to the back door or sometimes back window and whines when he needs to go out, what a good boy!!!

He loves car rides or enjoys them so much he falls asleep within two minutes, he goes everywhere with me. You can tell we have a puppy because all of us have the scratches on our hands to prove it!! The kids have learned when he starts nipping to hurt to get up and walk away, I don't think Sampson puts it together that his playmate leaves when he bites but I am sure he will.

Thanks again for our little boy!
Tamara Hoffman

Hi Chris,

Sorry it has been so long, with the holidays and then my computer was down for a few weeks I was away from the internet for quite some time!

Sampson is doing great!!! He actually lost his front upper teeth recently, and already sprouted some new ones! He is a perfect member of this family and we all love him very much!!! My kids still get the nip wounds and the wholes in the shirts when the play time gets too wild, but most times its the kids not knowing when to stop.

Some of Sampson's favorite things are, soaps stolen out of the bath tubs, empty water bottles, any of my girls stuffed animals and his own leash, he thinks he is the coolest when he swipes it and runs like bananas around the couch!!

Visitors are always so impressed when they meet him, because he is a very mellow puppy. He is such a joy, I can't thank you enough!

Hope all is well, I hope all boys and girls are staying warm!!!
Tamara Hoffman

Miles - BumbleXThistle boy

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to forward a few more recent pictures of our beautiful boy
Miles. He has been growing so fast & I see a lot of Thistle in him. Check
out the gate picture....just like his daddy with those dark ears! We just
finished our first socialization class & he graduated with flying colors.
There's a blurry picture of him playing with his golden retriever buddy from

We are ready to begin some more obedience training. We are still struggling
with his mouthing, but have been making some progress lately. We had a
second round of shots recently & he is doing great according to the vet. He
has put on a few extra pounds in the past couple weeks, so we are going to
step up his exercise even more. We've been giving him a little over a cup
twice a day & maybe 3 Kongs per day (kibble & a spoon full of cream cheese),
which we didn't think was all that much given that he gets 3-4 walks per day
with a fetch session in there somewhere. Apparently we are going to have to
RUN this boy pretty hard!

I don't know, you tell me from the pictures if you think he's a little too
chubby. I've heard it's nothing to worry about, and I've also heard that we
have to control this now. I know he's growing so fast that he'll probably
just grow right into that extra skin, but I don't want him to be unhealthy.

We are so happy with Miles, & I show him off every chance I get! You should
see the reactions this boy gets from people! As I'm sure everyone says, we
are sure that we have the cutest dog in the whole world!

Thanks again!

Hi Chris,

It's been a while since we checked in so I wanted to send some updated
photos of Miles. He's growing up so fast! It seems like everytime he wakes
in the morning he's taller & longer! He's obviously begun to lose/grow
teeth by now & he has (8) shiny new pearly whites grinnin' at us.

He is such a good looking dog Chris. People stop to tell us how handsome he
is when we're walking him, & we tell them that we're lucky we found the BEST
breeder! You'll see some great pics in here of the boy in action - let me
know what you think!

We often look at Miles & wonder how all the other puppies from the litter
are doing. If it's possible, if you have any news or pictures from their
families, we would love to know how they are maturing too!

Thanks again,

Tim Rimbos

Barley - BumbleXThistle daughter

Hi Chris-

I just wanted to write and let you know how things were going with Barley. The ride home went better than we thought. No accidents, but we did stop a couple of times for potty breaks. She has had a couple of accidents since we have been home, but that is also going better than we expected. It has been so nice the past couple of days we have been taking her for little walks and playing outside. All of our neighbors just think she is the cutest thing! She has already had visitors coming to see just her. J I wanted to send you a couple of pictures, one of which is Taryn reading her book to Barley while I was doing dishes. Too cute! Thanks again for being so great to work with. We will be in touch.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


Daisy (PoncaXThistle Daughter)

Our email has been down for awhile. Daisy (Destiny) is doing great. She is getting so big. She goes to the vet again Saturday, I am guessing she is close to 20 pounds. She feels heavier then cujo did. She has met sooo many new friends both human and other pups. Today was the best though, she met another Lab one week younger then her. She was in heaven. When we first brought her home she slept on my daughters doll bed and the other ones Dora couch. So, we decided to buy her her own puppy bed. Now she prefers the ceramic tile in the laundry room. So much for that. She comes, offs, sits, downs, shakes and tries to roll over. She will occasionally go up the stairs, but will stop and whine. And cries at the thought of going down them. At what age does the fear of the steps end? She starts puppy school next Friday night. One hour every Friday. I just found out there is someone not to far from us who does agility training in her back yard. Sounds fun.?. Have no idea what is involved or when that is possible to do? She did great though right from the beginning. She sleeps from 9 to 5 or 6. Loves her walks, but only with me, she does not do well with my husband walking with her. Can't figure that one out, other thank I do it daily and he is only occasionally. She loves getting her teeth brushed, poultry flavored. Loves the trail mix while training and the kong treats when we are gone. She just discovered that if she runs and jumps she can get on the couch. She looks quite comfy on it too. Also, every morning after her morning potty break, she crawls in bed with us for her one hour snooze. She loves that. Probably will always do it toooo. She kennels up to get into her crate, which she does not mind. Also, discovered how to sneak in the shower and is trying really hard to get into the tub. And yes, that is while we are in there. She has her own little pool, but insists on trying to get onto the girls water slide. Too funny watching that. She has only had 3 accidents since we have had her and two were because she was upstairs with me and was whining and I thought it was because of the steps, but oops, she had to poop. We will send photos soon. We have soo many to choose from. I think we have more of Daisy in the first month then we do of my third daughter to date, she is 4. That's bad. But she is soo loved and you provided us a wonderful pup who is such a sweetie, you were right thought she is very mischievous. She comes up with some dandies. But her eyes give away her actions. Sorry so long but I like to brag, she is just wonderful. Even the guys working on our basement love her, she's their bud. Greets them every morning and makes them stop to play for a few minutes her and there, and they just hate that (LOL).

Well, you take care and we will send and update after she starts her puppy school and next vet appointment (her weight and all) and photos to tag along with it. She has changed alot. She has a beautiful stripe down her back and her ears are dark along with her back legs, they look like rabbit legs when she is playing. She's just so cute.

Thank you again for such a great pup, your love for all your dogs really shows


Daisy is doing great she has been to three weeks of puppy school and loves it and is doing awesome. She has two other labs in her class, but not as cute as her of course, and she looks forward to the play session. She loves fetching, swimming and chasing rabbits out of the yard. She just started running to the door when she sees me get my purse to leave, anxiously awaiting for me to let her know if she is going with or not. Loves going to our three daughters softball games, because she tends to be the center of attention, everyone loves a sweet labby. Loves her walks but now that her instincts kicked in and enjoys chasing bunnies, it is a little more challenging, but we are working on that one. We take her to my aunts pool when we go and she just loves diving in and swimming a few laps, but on most days she enjoys her own private puppy pool. We hope to take Daisy to my aunts lake home soon, thought she would really enjoy that. She is growing by leaps and bounds and is such a lover. She enjoys her puppy play dates as well, she tends to have more then the kids. We are enjoying her so much, she is starting to do things that remind us of our last lab, where she likes to lay, how she lets us know she needs to go out, and just certain looks she gives. She is a real sweetheart, thank you again for such a wonderful dog. Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of Daisy, we just took these this weekend. The ones where she looks hot on the trail is when she was in search of the rabbits.

Take care and have a safe and happy 4th. Tell Ponca her baby is doing GREAT!

The Langes


Had to share a cute story about precious Daisy and her first snow. This morning she did her usual routine, get up eat and when she went to head outside, she stepped back and refused, I don't think I have ever seen a dog so stiff and pull back with so much mite. She was scared stiff (LOL). She would not budge, not even for a big piece of Liver Biscotti, which she LOVES! Eventually, we just had to shove her out into the snow. She just froze in place, poor thing could not figure out where to go to the bathroom. Did not take too long after that for her Lab instincts to kick in and now we are having a heck of a time getting her to come in. So much fun watching her run like a crazy girl and trying to catch and find the snowballs (LOLLOL) When we actually do get her in, only because of a treat or the kids come in to take a break, she just sits at the door and cries to go back out. We are enjoying her so much. She has such a personality. She made her first step out at 7:15 this morning and took two breaks and just now came in for her third, but this time I think she is actually going to Crash! She actaully went to her bed instead of crying at the door. She looks exhausted. Labby's are so much fun. And Daisy has quite the personality. She had an adventure last night, by rolling in the mud puddle under the swing set last night, she was having a blast in the cold and yuck, as I called her in she was running like a crazy girl. All I had to say was "Bath" and she came a runnin in staight to the tub, which is upstairs, with little muddy icicles and all. She was in heaven.

Well I could go on and on about our precious little girl. Cannot wait for her first Christmas, she is doing great with everything up. The only thing she did for the first two days was carry baby Jesus around the house. But now that is old hat and she is acting as if the stuff has always been here. She is going to have a 9 day house guest this Christmas. A 10 month old Golden, who lives down the road. Should be a very interesting first Christmas for Both Pups. Santa I am sure will be very good to them.

Well, I will stop writing, I have way too many Daisy stories, but the first was too cute not to share. Thanks for such a wonderful girl. Hope you had a Great Thanksgiving and Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!!

The Lange Family



Bruno - LunaXThistle Son


It seems like he gets bigger every day! He's up to 20 lbs now, he's gained
6 lbs since we got him! I can't believe how fun and smart and NOSY he is.
He still has some nipping issues, but we are working through them.

Here are some pictures of Bruno and his favorite pasttime, the Puppy Kong!
He'll chew that thing for hours, it's so funny. Also, I walked into the
kitchen and busted him with toilet paper. He had gotten into the hallway
bathroom and unrolled the entire toilet paper roll and was running around
with it wrapped on him like a mummy. I managed to corral him and get most
of it away from him, but before I got the last of it, I grabbed the camera
and snapped this picture. It looks like he's saying "Who, me?" with that
innocent face.

Anyway, all is well in Naperville. We hope you are all having a great
spring. Say hello to Luna and Thistle from the Brady's and Bruno.


Wilma - ToryXMaize Daughter

6 months

1 yr

1 yr



HI Chris-

We took some pics the other day so here's Wilma at 6 months. She is a beautiful dog and has been a pleasure to be with (99.9% of the time ;)). We're waiting for another growth spurt, but she looks like she will be built like her dad, Maize. Training is going well and I think she was potty trained when we picked her up from you. She is getting fixed next week.

If you have pics of her siblings, please fwd them to us as we'd love to see them - especially her one yellow brother.

Take care - Blake & Erin

Hi Chris-

Wilma will be celebrating her big day with her pals at the dog park! Here are a few pics we took the other day. She is a beautiful dog and will soon be getting a brother or sister as Erin is due in January.

Please feel free to forward any pics of her siblings that you receive today - - we'd love to see if they look like Wilma.

Hope all is well is Galva!

Sammy, Saxon (and Scout) BlossomXMaize Kids

Sammy & Scout


Sammy 5.5 months

Sammy and Saxon

Who is that beautiful boy? Saxon!!

The brothers swimming

Sammy at 1 year

Sammy & his brother Saxon - these boys are GORGEOUS!



Just wanted to send some pictures of the puppy (and his sister). These are pictures of Sammy (aka Frosty) from the 1/9/06 litter of Maize and Blossom. Sammy is a great pup and loved by everyone in the neigborhood. He is growing and is now > 30 pounds.

Michele (who has Saxon, aka Drift) has her hands full, but is also very happy.

Totally by coincidence, we were walking the boys one day and ran into Scout (their sister) who is owned by one of Michele's neighbors. She is also beautiful, and I am attaching a picture of her and Sammy wrestling in the back of the truck.

I'll send more pictures as he (they) grow. Marty Cohen.

Hi Chris,

I hope all is well down in Galva.

Sammy (aka "Frosty" from Maize and Blossom's 1/9/06 litter) is now 5 1/2 months old and about 45 pounds. He actually went swimming for the 1st time yesterday. He was having a great time. He still gets together with his brother "Saxon" and his sister "Scout" on certain weekends.

I take Sammy to training and daycare at a place here in Chicago ("Bark Avenue"). He is the best and cutest pup in their entire facility. There was a street fair in the West Loop area of Chicago this weekend. Bark Avenue had a booth set up at the fair, and used Sammy to show their training techniques. Several people were asking where he came from. I gave them (and the breeders) your email address. Hopefully you'll be getting some new referrals.

I've also attached a recent picture of Sammy.

Take care, Marty Cohen.


Thank you for the birthday wishes for Sammy (aka Frosty) born to Maize and Blossom 1 year ago. I've enclosed a picture of him in his favorite position (sleeping). I'll send some other pics on separate emails.
Here is a picture of Sammy (aka Frosty) lounging in his favorite chair. You get the clue that he is a very lazy (but absolutely adorable) pup.
Here's the last birthday picture. This is of Sammy (aka Frosty) and his brother Saxon. (I don't remember what his original name was, but Michele would.) We get the boys together ever week or two. They play and wrestle for hours on end.

Marty Cohen.

Ranger - TyXLucy boy

Hi Chris,
Just thought I would fill you in on a little info about Ranger and send a couple of "hot off the presses" pictures.
He is now almost four months old, and we came to the realization that he has now been with us as long as he was with you...quite the milestone.
He is doing well, been to Colorado twice, Michigan twice, and travels quite often for day trips to our daughters in Wisconsin and Illinois. He is a great traveler, and loves to rough house with any dog that will play back...this is good because two of our daughters have labs, and there is a very friendly "roving" golden who lives next door.
He is a great sleeper, at least 8 hours at night, in his crate in our bedroom. He is good in the crate, even in the car.
We finish puppy classes this Thursday, and he is very good at sit, down, come, leave it, drop it and long as there are no distractions.
He weighs in at almost 39 pounds, and is a good eater.
We are still waiting for his adult teeth to come in...although the mouthing is slowing down, it is still a bit of a problem, but the vet thinks that will stop when the new teeth come in.
Today he played in the water and had a great time...he doesn't have any plans to actually start swimming yet, but he is young and very brave, so it will come with time.
Hope all is well with you, and that your dogs are healthy and happy. Give Lucy and Ty pets for us, they made a beautiful little boy who is starting to look a bit more like a dog than a puppy.
Bye for now,
Karen (Heick)








Baby Payton (ToryXThistle)

6 months old

Eight months

Ten months, he looks so much like Thistle!


I can't believe how quickly this week is flying by! Payton is definitely settling in. The first few days he stuck close by and was pretty mellow. But he certainly has broken out of his reserved shell! He is a wild man when he gets going, he loves to tug (and chew on clothes!). Besides his mouthing he is doing great overall. He LOVED the farm, he has his own kiddie pool but he did take a flying leap right into the big pool. He handled it well but I don't think he will make that mistake again without some practice!

Hi Chris,
I couldn't help myself, I had to have 'official' 6 month Payton pics. I wanted to capture the puppy face as much as possible! Thought I would share a few with you. Hope you enjoy them.
It was fun to watch the new litter grow up, I was trying to figure out if any looked like Payton. Can't wait to meet a few puppies next month! Hope all is well with you and your family.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Deborah and Payton

Hi Chris,

How are you? How are things at Cricket Hollow?! Guessing there are more puppies running around, hopefully everyone is doing well.

It was really fun to watch Westminster Dog Show now that I have Payton. I watched the lab judging online, I may be a bit biased but I think Payton could have won the whole thing! He is so big, I wanted to send you a new picture:
Please say hello to everyone and give the dogs a hug!



Bernie (BlossomXmaize) Son

Hi Chris,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I thought it was time to send you a picture of our Bernie. He is getting so big and the puppy features are quickly slipping away. This has been a big month for Bernie. Last week he had his last puppy appointment at the vet so he has all of his vaccinations-phew! He now weighs 38 lbs—too big for me to carry him around anymore and too big to bathe in our kitchen sink

Bernie and I enrolled in puppy training classes 2 weeks ago and he is the smartest dog by far! He is an extremely quick learner which is making our lives very easy. The trainer keeps telling us that he looks like he came straight out of a dog food commercial. Bernie loves the compliments…..

Chicago has been blessed with some pretty nice weather recently, so this weekend we decided to take Bernie for his first swim lesson in Lake Michigan. Every time he hears a shower turn on in our condo he is in there splashing around in the water even before you step one foot in—so I knew he was going to love the lake! After watching all of the other dogs paddling around for awhile—Bernie finally took the plunge and passed his first swim lesson with flying colors!

The photo was taken just after he went into the lake for a dip. He looks so proud of himself! (Do you like the Chicago Cubs collar?)

Take care,



Hi Chris,

Hope you and the family are doing well, and enjoyed Father’s Day! We are doing great! Bernie is growing up to one handsome and smart dog. He graduates from puppy training school tonight! The trainer is constantly telling me that she has never met a dog as attentive as Bernie. I’m so proud J He really has caught on quickly though, it’s definitely time for more challenging tricks! We actually have another yellow lab from Cricket Hollow in our class. His name is Jake and was in a litter that went home a few weeks after Bernie. Small world!

This past weekend, we took Bernie on his first road trip to Cleveland. We weren’t sure how he was going to handle the 6 hour car drive. But with a Bully Stick in mouth, Bernie was a complete angel. Attached is a picture of my nephew with our enormous (close to 55 lbs) puppy. Bernie is so good with little kids—thanks god!

Talk to you soon!

Take Care,


have attached a few pictures of our 10 month old adorable beast! J

Take care,






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