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In the interests helping families prepare for the arrival of their new puppy, we've created a layette package which can be purchased from Cricket Hollow Farm. We have tried to include everything you'll need to welcome your new baby and offer the package at $30 less than our normal charges for these items (our normal charges are lower than the prices at PetsMart, Petco, etc, so it is a double deal) :-) We know adding a furry family member can be an expensive and daunting experience, so we are trying to simplify the process and save you a little money as well. Please be sure you let us know ahead of time if you want to purchase a layette so we can make sure we have enough for each family.

Included in the layette package:
Regular Price
(2) Stainless steel 2 quart bowls
(1) 40lb bag Pro Pac Premium Puppy Food
(2) Bones/Greenies
(2) 1lb package puppy biscuits/treats
(1) Zoom Groom Brush
(1) Nail Trimmer
(1) Shedding Blade
(1) bottle Oatmeal Shampoo
(1) Large Chuck-it Toy OR Flying Squirrel
(1) Puppy Kong
(1) Lupine Collar - your choice of style
(1) Matching Lupine Leash
(1) Quart Nature's Miracle
(2) Bully Sticks (chewies)
(2) Plush Squeaky toys - your choice of style
Total Regular Price

The layette is available for a reduced price of $180 (plus sales tax).


We used to offer a reduced price for a Lifestyles crate for crate training and puppy access control.

We've recently found that you can buy the crates yourself online at less than even my wholesale pricing, so we won't be carrying the crates any longer, but will provide photo below so you'll know what to look for, and a link to onewe've found. We've also had good luck finding quality Midwest brand crates on Amazon for a great price. The main thing to look for is a folding/suitcase style (avoid drop pin type, they are NOT safe), and one that comes with a divider.

The 42" for boys.

The 36" for girls.