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Contract Explanation

1) Normal (Limited Registration) Contract

All puppies purchased from Cricket Hollow Farm Labradors are sold on Limited Registration. Limited Registration means that the dog is eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club; however, any offspring produced by the dog would not be eligible. Furthermore, dogs that are registered with a limited designation are ineligible to enter bench competition (dog shows); they are, however, eligible to enter all other AKC events including, but not limited to field trials, hunt tests, obedience trials, and agility trials. Most puppies purchased through Cricket Hollow Farm Labradors are purchased as companion dogs by owners who have no interest in breeding or showing; therefore, limited registration will have no bearing on these dogs.

2) Co-Ownership Contract

Dogs purchased under limited registration are ineligible for bench (show) competition. Therefore, if you are purchasing a puppy from Cricket Hollow Farm Labradors with the intent to show and/or breed the dog, it is essential that you communicate this to the breeder prior to purchasing the dog. Cricket Hollow Farm Labradors offers a co-ownership contract by which the dog will be sold with full registration. Under this agreement, the purchaser will be listed as the owner of the dog and the breeder will be listed as the co-owner. Because the AKC requires signatures of both the owner and co-owner for litter registrations, this allows Cricket Hollow Farm Labradors (the Co-owner) to ensure responsible breeding, but will also allow the Owner to exhibit the dog competitively. Under this agreement, Cricket Hollow Farm Labradors does not require any obligation from the Owner in terms of financial compensation as a result of breeding of the dog. When certain criteria are met, as outlined in the Co-Ownership Contract, Cricket Hollow Farm Labradors will assign full ownership to the Owner.

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