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Piney Creeks Habenaro Harry at Starquest Starquest Autumn Glow

Pedigree of Starquest Cricket's Spicy Chili Pepper (Paprika)

Starquest Cricket's Spicy Chili Pepper (Paprika)

Piney Creeks Habenaro Harry At Starquest
Penara's Red Ryder Penara's Without Warning Ch Pointed Litte River Red Headed Stranger
Ch Pointed Penara's Shenanigans
Penara's Shall We Dance Ch Tabatha's Glaceridge Sumac
Penara's Pumpkin Pie
Blackforks Queen of Hearts Oakdales Dunbar at Penara Ch Pointed Little River Red Headed Stranger
Windfalls Redbuds of Oakdale
Blackforks Flaming Robin Flames Running on Faith
Avalon's Roman Steelhart
Starquest Autumn Glow Ch Mtn Meadow Big Bang BISS Blackwing Superfine Ch Blackwing Santee
Ch Blackwing Super Freak
Mtn Meadow What a Sight Ch Springboks Out A Sight
Mtn Meadow Lady Godiva
Briarwoods Cabella Girl Ch Pointed Penara's Rocket Science BISS Ch Lobuff's Bare Necessity CD JH
Ridge View Checkered Flag
Ch Briarwoods Cover Girl Ch Glaceridge Tabatha's Storm
Ch Glaceridge By Design