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Bayou Bend Sweet Victory (Tory)

Hips OFA Good, #LR-158397G27F-PI; elbows OFA normal #LR-EL30182F27-PI; eyes clear

This is Tory at 16 months old. She is a complete real doll, with a fantastic pedigree. She loves to retrieve and is still actively enjoying her puppyhood. She is enjoying sleeping with our oldest daughter! Her conformation is exceptional and we expect her to do very well in the conformation ring. We are blessed to have her come to live with us.

Sweet Victory is a fitting name for this darling girl.

Those ears really fly when she is headed out on a retrieve!

She is pretty darn speedy when she is after that ball!

Caught her in mid leap trying to catch the ball in the air- this girl is very athletic!

Did somebody say cookie?

Some of Tory's Beautiful Babies


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